Best answer: How do I add a vehicle to my direct car insurance?

Click on “Update Policy” below the timeline circle of MyAccount, click “Edit” on Vehicles and Vehicle Level Coverage. The “Add Additional Vehicles” or “Delete Vehicle” button will be on your right. As always, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-463-4732 if you need help with your policy.

How much does it cost to add another car to your insurance?

Most people pay around $86 per month; however, adding a second vehicle to your pre-existing auto insurance policy can provide you with a discounted rate of up to 25 percent. There are many different discounts that you can qualify for when you buy insurance, but one of the most common is the multi-car discount.

Can you add another car to an existing policy?

In most cases, you can take out a multi-car policy as long as all cars are registered under the same address. Multiple owners are usually fine. Some insurance companies require you to be related, others only require that the cars are housed together to take out a policy—even if the owners live in different states.

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Can I add someone’s car to my insurance?

Adding Someone To Car Insurance Temporarily

In most cases, no. An auto insurance policy typically covers you, your spouse or partner and relatives who live in your home. And it can extend to other licensed drivers who have permission to drive your insured vehicle.

Does direct auto insurance have an app?

The DirectDrive app for iOS and Android grades users based on safe and responsible driving. … Users can receive Direct Auto Insurance quotes and locate the nearest Direct Auto Insurance location through the app. The DirectDrive app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Is it cheaper to have two cars on one insurance?

In general, it’s usually cheaper to insure two or more vehicles on the same policy, better known as a multi-vehicle plan. This is because most insurance companies offer significant discounts for multi-car policies.

Does having 2 cars increase insurance?

Being one driver with two cars may result in a lower premium for your second vehicle, assuming you drive it less. … You need to retain minimal liability insurance coverage on your vehicle regardless of the time of year. However, you may be able to reduce your liability coverage during the months it’s laid up, Doran says.

How do I insure a second car?

If the cars are registered at the same address, you can apply for second car insurance policies. Any vehicles covered must generally be for private use only, while the drivers covered by the policy can only drive all the insured cars if they are registered as named drivers for them.

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Can you be insured on 2 cars with two different insurers?

Yes, you can take out multiple car insurance policies – for example if you have more than one vehicle, or you need to drive someone else’s car as well as your own. You can even have multiple insurance policies for the same car – although there’s generally no advantage to doing so.

Can you be first driver on two cars?

No, there can only be one policy per car. However, if more than one person will be driving the car, extra people can be added to the policy as a named driver.

Can I insure a car that is not mine?

Can I insure a car I don’t own? Yes, you can take out a separate car insurance policy on someone else’s car. Just tell the insurer you’re not the owner or the registered keeper of the vehicle when you apply.

Can I insure a car if I am not the registered owner?

You can insure a vehicle you don’t own, but you must tell the insurer that you’re neither the registered keeper nor the owner. … You may find that non-owner insurance is only available in specific circumstances, such as when the registered keeper or owner is a partner, parent, employer or leasing company.

Is direct car insurance good?

Direct Auto car insurance enjoys a solid reputation in the industry with an “Excellent” financial strength rating from AM Best, meaning that the insurer can pay out claims. While it also has an outstanding A+ rating from BBB, customer reviews reveal potential problems with slow claims response.

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Where can I pay my direct auto insurance?

Here are six hassle-free ways you can pay for your insurance with Direct Auto.

  • Auto-Pay by Card. We know you’ve got a lot of things on your mind, and auto insurance isn’t always at the top of the list. …
  • Pay by Month: Credit or Debit. …
  • Pay by Texting* …
  • Pay with Cash. …
  • Pay by E-check. …
  • Pay at a Direct Kiosk.


What is the cheapest auto insurance company?

Cheapest car insurance companies

Company Average annual rate
1. Geico $380
2. State Farm $550
3. Progressive $577
4. Farmers $656
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