Can you drive without insurance in Missouri?

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle in Missouri without automobile liability insurance. The vehicle driver must show proof of insurance to any law enforcement official, upon request, or a traffic ticket will be issued to the driver. … Four points will be assessed against the driver’s driving record.

What happens if you get caught driving without insurance in Missouri?

Depending on the circumstance, you could incur serious penalties if you’re caught driving without the required insurance in Missouri. You could lose your driving privileges for an entire year and be forced to pay a $400 reinstatement fee, on top of a $500 fine and/or 15 days in jail.

How much is a ticket for driving without insurance in Missouri?

$300 Fine, 15 Days in Jail, and 4 Points on Your Driving Record for Missouri “No Insurance” Ticket. It is illegal to drive a vehicle in Missouri that is not insured, and a judge can fine you up to $300, put you in jail for 15 days, suspend your license, or enter an order of supervision against you for each violation.

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Can I drive a car that is not insured if I have insurance?

It’s important to understand that you can only drive a car if you have insurance. If you don’t have your own insurance policy (either on your own car including DOC cover, as a named driver on the car owner’s policy, or standalone temporary cover), you will not be legally covered to drive.

Does insurance follow the car or the driver in Missouri?

Car insurance usually follows the car in Missouri. The types of car insurance that follow the car in Missouri are bodily injury liability, personal injury liability, uninsured motorist protection, collision, and comprehensive.

Is driving without a license a felony in Missouri?

Driving without a valid license.

Unlicensed driving is a class D misdemeanor carrying a fine of up to $500. A second offense is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,000. A third or subsequent offense is a class E felony.

What happens if you are caught driving uninsured?

Failing to have car insurance can result in six to eight penalty points on your driving licence. These points stay on your driving record for 4 years. You can be disqualified from driving if you have 12 or more penalty points within three years.

Is insurance required in Missouri?

Missouri law requires that all motor vehicle drivers and owners maintain some type of motor vehicle liability insurance coverage. … The minimum level of coverage required by state law is: $25,000 per person for bodily injury.

What is the fine in Missouri for driving with expired tags?

NOTE: A $5 renewal penalty will be charged if you renew your plates after the expiration date. NOTE: Upon returning to Missouri the vehicle must be safety inspected within 10 days. The vehicle must also be emissions inspected within 10 days, if applicable.

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How much is a speeding ticket in Missouri?

Traffic Violation Bureau – Fines and Costs Effective January 1, 2020

Speeding Charges Fine Court Cost
1-5 MPH $50.50 $72.50
6-10 MPH $60.50 $76.50
11-15 MPH $70.50 $76.50
16-19 MPH $100.50 $76.50

Can you keep an uninsured car on private property?

In line with Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE), it is now a legal requirement for the registered keeper of a vehicle to insure it even if it is not being used and/or is parked on private land. The only exemption to this is if it has a SORN.

How long do you have to get insurance after buying a used car in Missouri?

The Missouri new-car insurance grace period is 2 to 30 days in most cases. The new-car grace period is how long insured drivers are allowed to drive a newly purchased vehicle before adding it to an existing car insurance policy.

Is Missouri a no pay no play state?

Missouri is now a “no pay, no play” state. This means that if you are hurt in an accident anywhere in the state of Missouri and you do not have car insurance, you may be limited from recovering fully for your injuries, even if the other driver was 100% at fault!

Who is liable driver or owner?

The California Vehicle Code states that the owner of a motor vehicle is responsible for damages caused during the operation of the vehicle even if another person is driving the vehicle with implied or express permission from the owner. Therefore, automobile insurance follows the vehicle, not the person.

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