Is car insurance expensive in Oklahoma?

Car insurance policies are expensive in Oklahoma. The average auto insurance rate in Oklahoma is $1,542 per year — 8% more than the national average.

Why is Oklahoma car insurance so expensive?

Car insurance in Oklahoma is expensive because the state is famously located in “Tornado Alley.” Severe weather patterns resulting in huge claims and a high percentage of uninsured drivers raise insurance prices..

How much is car insurance in Oklahoma per month?

Car insurance in Oklahoma costs $54 per month, on average, or $643 per year. The average cost of car insurance in Oklahoma is 11% lower than the national average auto insurance premium, and Oklahoma ranks 26 out of 50 for the most affordable car insurance rates in the U.S.

Is car insurance cheaper in Oklahoma?

A full coverage policy in Oklahoma is more expensive, but it comes with higher liability limits and comprehensive and collision insurance. … Among car insurance companies in Oklahoma, the cheapest options for full coverage are: GEICO: $774 per year. USAA: $827 per year (for military members only)

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Who has the cheapest car insurance in Oklahoma?

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Oklahoma

Rank Company Average annual rate
1 State Farm $352
2 Progressive $512
3 Farm Bureau $522
4 Allstate $615

What states have the lowest car insurance rates?

That’s a whopping 99% more than the national average of $1,428 and 34% more than second-place Michigan. Car insurance in Louisiana is now three times more expensive than in Maine. Maine has the cheapest car insurance rate, where you will pay an average of $858 a year.

What is the cheapest state for car insurance?

For example, as of this writing, Maine has the cheapest rates in the nation, with an average annual premium of $589. Michigan has the most expensive rates in the nation, with an average annual premium of $4,003, making insurance 579.63% more expensive in Michigan than in Maine.

How much is full coverage car insurance in Oklahoma?

Car insurance averages $1,542 per year in Oklahoma. Find out more about Oklahoma’s average car insurance rates.

Is car insurance mandatory in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma requires all drivers to carry car insurance. … Oklahoma law also states that proof of coverage must be kept with you at all times while driving and shown to law enforcement officials at their request.

What is the cheapest online car insurance?

Several major insurance companies offer competitive auto insurance rates online. Nationwide, GEICO and Progressive are the three most affordable auto insurance companies with policies available online, according to The Zebra’s research.

What is the best health insurance in Oklahoma?

Best cheap health insurance companies in Oklahoma

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma.
  • UnitedHealthcare.
  • Bright Health.
  • Oscar Insurance Company.
  • CommunityCare.
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What is the state minimum car insurance in Oklahoma?

The minimum legal Oklahoma car insurance coverage is: Bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Property damage liability coverage: $25,000. Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident*

What is the cheapest online insurance?

What is the cheapest car insurance company for you?

  • Erie: Cheapest overall company.
  • State Farm: Cheapest company after getting into an accident.
  • USAA: Cheapest company for military families.
  • Metromile: Cheapest company for low-mileage drivers.
  • Geico: Cheapest company for those with a poor credit history.


How can I pay less on my car insurance?

Listed below are other things you can do to lower your insurance costs.

  1. Shop around. …
  2. Before you buy a car, compare insurance costs. …
  3. Ask for higher deductibles. …
  4. Reduce coverage on older cars. …
  5. Buy your homeowners and auto coverage from the same insurer. …
  6. Maintain a good credit record. …
  7. Take advantage of low mileage discounts.

Is Progressive or Geico better?

Customers report a better experience with Geico than with Progressive, both when they’re shopping for insurance and after an insurance claim, according to J.D. Power. … In J.D. Power’s 2020 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, Geico ranked 12th among 24 insurers while Progressive landed at 21st.

Is Liberty Mutual cheaper than Geico?

On average, GEICO offers more affordable rates than Liberty Mutual for drivers with credit scores of less than 580. Drivers with outstanding credit — a score of 800 or better — should consider GEICO, which typically beats Liberty Mutual by $728 per year.

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