Your question: Can I drive a courtesy car on my insurance?

Your loaner car is specifically covered under your policy. However, your policy will only pay for damages that exceed the coverage on the garage’s loaner. So the loaner is primary and your policy would respond if needed.

Does my insurance cover me to drive a courtesy car?

Courtesy car cover is often included as part of your comprehensive car insurance package, rather than a stand-alone policy. It provides a car for you to use for your day-to-day activities while your own car is in the garage after an accident.

Is a loaner car covered by insurance?

Most auto insurance policies cover a loaner that you drive. Insurance policies refer to loaners as temporary replacement vehicles. Even if your insurance doesn’t pay for the cost of a rental car, it still might cover any claims you make following an accident in a loaner or rental vehicle.

Can my husband drive my loaner car?

Never drive a rental car unless you are listed as a driver on the rental agreement/contract. Never allow someone not listed as a driver on the rental agreement to drive the rental car. Personal auto insurance typically only extends “personal use” vehicles.

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How long do you get a courtesy car for?

When you have an accident, your policy will set out the type of courtesy car to which you are entitled and for how long. If the accident is your fault, you can normally have a courtesy car for up to 30 days.

Can I get a courtesy car while my car is being serviced?

As long as you go to an approved repairer, you’ll get a courtesy vehicle for as long as the repairs take. The courtesy car will be supplied when an engineer authorises the repairs, not before.

Is a courtesy car free?

There is no legal or Code obligation on any accredited business to give you a courtesy car. … Bear in mind that there may be a charge for the courtesy car, to cover the costs of insurance or fuel.

What happens if you wreck a loaner car?

If you are involved in a car accident, this is very annoying. … If you have someone else’s car under your control, you are in principle the one who is responsible. If you cause damage to a loaner car, this often means that you have to pay compensation for this damage. The owner of the car can recover the damage from you.

How long can you keep a loaner car?

Most loan cars programs require the dealer to leave the vehicle in loaner service for a minimum of 90 days. In that time, some will have 1000 miles on them, others could have 6000 miles.

What do I need to know about a loaner car?

A loaner car is a car that many dealerships, mechanics, and body shops offer as a convenience when you bring in your car to get serviced or have maintenance performed on your vehicle.

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Can my spouse drive my Thrifty rental car?

To qualify, THRIFTY requires all additional drivers, including spouses, to satisfy our minimum age requirements, have a valid driver’s license, and pay an additional driver fee. … The additional driver may also be subject to a driver record check and an underage driver’s fee.

Can my wife drive my Enterprise rental car?

Enterprise allows a spouse or domestic partner to drive at no charge and without needing to be listed on the rental agreement (the T&C of the rental specifies that an authorized driver is the named driver or the driver’s spouse or domestic partner, which covers that).

How far can you drive a courtesy car?

Most insurers agree that you can keep a courtesy car for as long as the repairs on your vehicle take, whether this be just a couple of days or a few weeks, for example. If it’s decided that your car is a write-off, you may be able to keep the courtesy for a further 14 days.

What happens if someone hits your courtesy car?

What happens if I have an accident in my courtesy car? … So if you have an accident in a courtesy car, you’ll only need to pay the excess on it to get it repaired. As with your standard policy, this would be refunded if it later turns out that the accident is non-fault on your part.

Does a courtesy car cost?

How much does courtesy car cover cost? If a courtesy car is included as standard in your policy then it won’t cost you any extra, unless you need to add insurance to drive it.

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Are there hidden cameras in rental cars?

Rental car companies do not have hidden cameras in their cars. This would be against the law in the US to record video of a person without their consent. However, they do have access to the data recorded in the car’s computers, and that data can be used in litigation if the car was misused.

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