Frequent question: Does being a student affect car insurance?

Most insurance companies offer a good student discount for unmarried, full-time students up to age 25. Ask your agent whether you qualify for a discount on your car insurance bill if you continue to get good grades in your higher education studies.

Is car insurance cheaper if you are a student?

The cost of car insurance for students is generally higher than average, as most student drivers are under the age of 25 and are considered to be more of a risk on the roads than older drivers. Students are also are more likely to be new drivers, meaning they haven’t been able to build up a no claims discount.

Should I take my college student off my auto insurance policy?

Why you should take a college student off your car insurance policy. If you remove a child from your car insurance while they’re in college: You could save as much as $3,000 on your premium payments. Your child might pay less for their own policy if they live away from home, depending on their ZIP Code.

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Is car insurance more for students?

Why car insurance for students is more expensive

If you’re a student, you’ll probably pay more for your car insurance. … The risk of insuring a student is much higher than insuring someone with a different occupation, and car insurance prices are expensive to reflect this.

Does education affect car insurance?

Studies have found that drivers with advanced degrees are less likely to make a claim than drivers without advanced degrees. For example, all other factors being equal, a driver with a twelfth-grade education may pay higher auto insurance premiums than a driver with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or Ph.

What is the cheapest car insurance for college students?

Cheapest for College Students: Geico

Insurer 6-month premium
Nationwide $2,868
Progressive $3,537
State Farm $3,168
Allstate $5,234

Do insurance companies check education?

Controversially, education levels can affect insurance rates. Carriers look at a host of factors — driving record, what type of car you drive, location, etc — in order to determine how much risk they are taking on when they agree to insure you.

What is the best car insurance for college students?

Best Car Insurance Companies for College Students

  1. AAA. The best car insurance for college students is AAA because it has the cheapest premiums and offers a variety of discounts, such as good student, student-away-at-school, and new young driver discounts. …
  2. Geico. …
  3. Travelers. …
  4. USAA. …
  5. Esurance. …
  6. Progressive. …
  7. State Farm. …
  8. Allstate.


What is the average cost of car insurance for a college student?

The average cost of car insurance for a college student is $1,257 per year, or about $105 per month. College students usually don’t pay as much for coverage as younger teens, but they’re typically charged higher car insurance premiums than mature drivers due to their age and comparative lack of driving experience.

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How do college students get insurance?

Insurance through your parents: If you are under the age of 26, you can join your parents’ health insurance plan. School-offered coverage: Many colleges offer insurance plans for incoming students. Insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace: You can enroll in an insurance plan on

How much does a student pay for car insurance?

It’s important to remember that the average annual cost of car insurance in the United States is about $900 per year. That’s $75 per month. But that’s the average for everyone. The average cost for college students is roughly $3,816 per year, or $318 per month.

What is the cheapest car to insure?

The 8 cheapest new cars to insure

  • Volkswagen Polo. …
  • Volkswagen Up. …
  • Nissan Micra. …
  • Kia Picanto. …
  • Dacia Logan MCV. …
  • Ford Fiesta. …
  • SEAT Ibiza.

What car should I buy as a student?

Top Cars for College Students

2019 Vehicle model IIHS safety ratings Safety features
Hyundai Elantra Hyundai Elantra safety features
Mazda CX-5 Mazda CX-5 safety features
Subaru Impreza Subaru Impreza safety features
Toyota Camry Toyota Camry safety features

Why do insurance companies ask for education?

Furthering your education and skills as a driver can help reduce the cost of your premiums and make accidents less likely to occur. Be sure to ask what programs your insurance company will endorse.

What are some ways that a recent high school graduate can decrease the premiums they pay for insurance?

8 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

  • Drive safely (and slowly)
  • Buy an “insurance-friendly” car.
  • Take a defensive driving course.
  • Take advantage of behavior-based discounts.
  • Yes, it can pay to shop around.
  • Move closer to work.
  • Improve your credit.
  • Increase your deductible.
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